I’d Rather Be at Frosty Freez

I challenge you: who doesn't love Frosty Freez?

I challenge you: who doesn't love Frosty Freez?

If you have a soft spot for soft serve, you must immediately head to Frosty Freez in Middletown, RI.  I have to admit, I have something of an obsession with ice cream and soft serve to the point where my husband once asked me last summer if it was okay that our 18-month old daughter ate ice cream daily.  As I discovered, a cookie or a chocolate could be eaten on the sly, but an ice cream cone is hard to conceal from a toddler.

If I’m within driving, walking or hitch-hiking distance from Frosty Freez, I will go and eat my favorite ice cream — a medium chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirl.  I do not mar my ice cream with jimmies or chocolate or cherry dip, although if that’s your thing, they accommodate you.  And although I keep telling myself I will switch over to their low-calorie Only 8 (which is, in fact, quite good as well), those words just never come out of my mouth when I order.

Here are my words of advice as a Frosty Freez expert.  If you go, do not order the hard-pack ice cream — it’s mostly Hersheys and it’s ordinary.  If your child wants some blue colored hard pack ice cream, do not permit him it.  Instead, here are your options: chocolate, vanilla and coffee soft serve ice cream or Only 8 chocolate and vanilla.  They also have ‘flavor burst’ which they can swirl into vanilla for additional flavors.  And don’t go from October 1 to March 31 — they’re closed.  I know, that’s hard news to hear, but it’s true.  To get around this, I even once emailed Garelick Farms who supplies their milk to find out if there was some other Frosty Freez imitation made with their milk on the eastern seaboard, but they never got back to me.  So there will be times, when even I will not be at Frosty Freez, which is why I have joined the Facebook group “I’d Rather Be at Frosty Freez.”

Frosty Freez
496 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842

One thought on “I’d Rather Be at Frosty Freez

  1. I don’t know which is funnier the entire second paragraph or the last part of the third. I may just join this thing you call Facebook so I too can be apart of this soft serve parvenu.

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