Sugarush Truck

Homemade sweets are on the move via the Sugarush Truck.

Last night, I ate the last of the half dozen homemade “ring dings” my friend brought me from Roasting Plant in New York — quite literally, a bittersweet moment.

But I’m happy to report that today I found a worthwhile substitute.

Classic coconut cupcake

Perhaps it’s my childhood memories of the ice cream man, but there’s something I love about ordering something sweet from a truck.  Of course, these days my standards are a bit higher than a Hood Chocolate Eclair or a Fun Dip (although I’m still known to eat either when the occasion presents itself). However, I’ve met my match with the Sugarush Truck, which has arrived to make its rounds serving up perfectly delicious homemade cupcakes and other sweets.

Today, we checked the truck’s whereabouts on Twitter and found them parked at Providence’s Lippitt Park. The menu consisted of three cupcake choices — classic coconut, chocolate with salted caramel, and a vegan meyer lemon with lavender — as well as homemade whoopie pies. I tried the classic coconut — a soft, moist cupcake with the right balance of icing topped with shredded coconut — and a whoopie pie — a perfectly fluffy chocolate cake surrounding a sweet cream frosting, which could have used a bit less sugar in my unprofessional opinion, but nonetheless delicious.  Mmm.  Some things are even better as an adult.

You can be sure to find me following them around town.

Whoopie pie

Sugarush Truck
Find out where they are on Twitter:
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