Rhode Island’s First Pinkberry

My Pinkberry choice: watermelon yogurt with raspberries, chocolate chips and a waffle cookie.

As I make my way from frozen yogurt to frozen yogurt, I have had one thing on my mind: Pinkberry. Still it took me five days to discover that Rhode Island now has its own Pinkberry at Garden City Center in Cranston. Within 24 hours of this discovery, Madeline, Lucy and I were there in a line full of mostly young females awaiting their sweet fix.

Since they didn’t have my usual flavor, pomegranate, I opted for watermelon. As it turns out, the two taste so similar that I’m not sure I would be able to distinguish between them, which is surprising since I can taste the difference between colors of SweeTarts (just ask Geoff). Lucy mooched mine (how old should babies be to eat frozen yogurt?), while Madeline chose a mini chocolate yogurt with raspberries and waffle cookie. They also offer original, mango, coconut, and salty caramel flavors topped with your choice of fruit, candy and nuts.

Although I usually root for the mom-and-pop over the corporate franchise, I am a sucker for Pinkberry. And seeing how many others apparently feel the same, I predict this to be not the only Pinkberry in Rhode Island, but simply the first.

Garden City Center
53 Hillside Rd
Cranston, RI

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