Ellie’s Bakery: Pastries, Sandwiches and Quiches in Downcity

The offerings at Ellie's Bakery in Downcity Providence.

The offerings at Ellie’s Bakery in Downcity Providence.

You know your city is heading in the right direction when a parking lot turns into a bakery (with other stores to come). Ellie’s Bakery recently opened on Washington Street in Downcity to serve up a variety of muffins, pastries, quiches, cookies, candies, and of course sandwiches, if you still have room.

My daughter desperately requesting her second madeleine.

Desperately requesting a second madeleine.

We stopped by one morning this week to sample a few of the offerings. My favorites were the ginger pumpkin muffin and iced lime cookies; my two-year-old chose the homemade madeleines, which apparently we both deemed an appropriate breakfast.

Ellie’s Bakery
61 Washington Street
Providence, RI

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