Gourmet Heaven

One of the many stocked shelves at the new Gourmet Heaven on Meeting Street.

One of the many stocked shelves at the new Gourmet Heaven on Meeting Street.

It feels like we willed it into existence. The new location of Gourmet Heaven on Meeting Street near Thayer had formerly been occupied by a string of lousy restaurants, in which no one ever ate. Upon their most recent vacancy, Geoff and I agreed it would be a great space for a little market. And, just a few days ago, that’s exactly what it became. Gourmet Heaven, which has another location in Providence (as well as two in New Haven, CT), recently opened its doors with a full line of convenience store items, a salad and hot food bar, a deli counter, and a small produce section.


A hand-picked salad of arugula, romaine, roasted brussel sprouts and onions, string beans, almonds and fresh mozzarella.

Gourmet Heaven seems to model itself after a New York convenience store/deli — rather than just a place to get a package of eggs or some milk, you can find that and everything from shelled chestnuts, Patsy’s tomato sauce, natural candies, and plenty more. I am generally strictly against salad bars, although I’ve found their line of freshly washed lettuces, grilled vegetables, and tomatoes and mozzarella too tempting. I’ve already eaten there twice. And perhaps the best part: they are open 24 hours.

Next on my wish list: a pharmacy near Thayer Street.

Gourmet Heaven

173 Weybosset St. Providence, RI
(401) 536-9000

Note: Meeting Street location has closed.


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