Rhode Iln Ice Cream

A coffee ice cream cone from Rhode iln Ice Cream's stand.

A coffee ice cream cone from Rhode Iln Ice Cream's stand.

After a bungled attempt to find ice cream last weekend, it surprised me to stumble upon a great cone just a short walk from our house.  Yesterday, Madeline spotted the little cart of Rhode Iln Ice Cream and demanded, “I want ice cream!”  I have to admit, I almost never say no to ice cream, usually because I want some myself.  Yesterday was no exception, and I replied by immediately getting in line.

Here in Rhode Island, a small is two scoops, a fact I greatly appreciate.  Madeline requested a chocolate cone, so I dolloped off one of her scoops into a spare cup so Geoff and I could have a taste.  It was so pale that I thought it was coffee ice cream at first, but it had a light chocolate malt flavor, not too sweet and perfectly creamy.  In general, I prefer a darker chocolate, but it was quite good, and there were no complaints from Madeline.  The coffee ice cream (my choice) blended just the right amount of subtle coffee flavor with sweet creaminess.  Both were equally smooth and soft (no traces of icicles here).  And as an all-natural treat made with local ingredients, you can feel good about indulging.  At least, I did.

Rhode Iln Ice Cream sets up a stand at farmers' markets and Water Fire.

Rhode Iln Ice Cream sets up a stand at farmers' markets and Water Fire.

Sadly, Rhode Iln Ice Cream doesn’t have its own store which makes them a bit elusive.   Right now, you can find them at the Hope Street and Rhode Island College Farmers’ Markets, as well as WaterFire (one more this season scheduled on October 31).  Founded by 20-something co-owners Tom Seiter and Jocelyn Nestell in 2008, the company’s success has already prompted them to increase their locations this year.  Their future plans even include packaging their ice cream for supermarkets.  Seeing as the farmers’ markets and WaterFire both end this month,  I’m hoping those future plans come to fruition soon.  I’ll certainly be buying.

Rhode Iln Ice Cream


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