My Milkman: Munroe Dairy Delivery

Munroe Dairy Milk

Yes, we've got milk, and it's fresh and delivered weekly from Munroe Dairy.

For the brief stint that we lived in the suburbs of Massachusetts, we had fresh milk delivered from Crescent Ridge Dairy.  I adored this creamy milk delivered in recycled glass bottles.  But no dairy delivers in Boston, and who could blame them?  The traffic would surely consume any possible profits.

So it was with great enthusiasm that Geoff and I recently spotted a Munroe Dairy delivery box on a friend’s Providence stoop.  Soon after, we placed our first order — Bliss Bros. cookies & cream ice cream and raspberry sherbet, Autocrat coffee syrup, and of course milk, both whole and 1%.  This week, we expanded the order to include chocolate milk (tastes like melted ice cream — in other words , delicious), apple cider, bread, and eggs.  You can nearly do your grocery shopping through them — they even deliver laundry detergent.  I was a bit disappointed to discover some of their products are not all that natural.  For example, the bread contains partially hydrogenated oil, and the ice cream has corn syrup.  As for the milk?  Well, just imagine how good milk can taste when it only takes 24-36 hours to get from the cow to you.  Yes, it is that good.

A.B. Munroe Dairy
Delivery throughout RI (except Block Island)
151 N. Brow Street
East Providence, RI 02914

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