Renaissance Gymnastics Academy

2013 NOTE: I can no longer recommend Renaissance Gymnastics Academy due to their poor make-up policy. After paying $72/month in lessons for gymnastics, they canceled two due to snow and one due to February vacation–so that comes to $72 for a 55 minute class. Although they promised a make-up class, they never came through with one.  There are plenty of better places to take gymnastics I’ve discovered — like Aim High Academy which has locations in East Greenwich, RI and Johnston, RI.

Madeline jumps out some extra energy on the trampoline.

During the winter, I decided to sign up Madeline for gymnastics classes to expend all that extra energy she seems to have (too bad it’s not transferable).  So on the advice of some other parents, I decided to try a free trial class at the Renaissance Gymnastics Academy in East Providence.  I figured she’d do a few somersaults, jump around a bit, and have a blast.

As it turns out, it’s even better.  Her teacher Joanna sets up a structured routine (different for each class) that keeps the kids moving constantly and changing activities quickly.  For the Little Tykes program, activities might include an obstacle courses for the kids, some practice hanging from the horizontal bar, and donkey kicks on the trampoline.  The gym itself boasts an impressive array of equipment including several trampolines, balance beams, bars, mats, and the favorite — a large pit filled with foam cubes that the kids jump into and climb out of.

In addition to their classes, the gym is open to the public ($10/child) at scheduled times for Open Play (children walking to age 5) and Open Gym (ages 6 and up).

Renaissance Gymnastics Academy
885 Waterman Avenue
East Providence, RI

3 thoughts on “Renaissance Gymnastics Academy

  1. All classes at RGA are pro-rated to reflect the number of classes offered from September to the end of June. This takes in to account Thanksgiving, Christmas, February, and April vacations, as well as all other national holidays. If you happen to sign up in February, yes, you will lose one class due to vacation- but in some months you will get 5 classes rather than 4.

    As for the blizzard and other cancellations due to weather, RGA makes sure that its’ staff and customers are safe. They have offered, and will continue to offer make-up classes for unexpected cancellations. RGA also offers free open play/open gym passes to students that have missed class for any reason- these sessions are well-staffed and last much longer than a structured class.

    • It’s clear to me from my many interactions over this with RGA that they don’t give a crap about their customers. In fact, they apparently would rather lose a customer (which they have) and a supporter and promoter of their organization (which I was) than refund someone $36. Let’s go over the facts. I am not arguing against the reality of holidays or snow days. I’m disputing the fact that you refused to offer a refund to customers when you canceled two of your classes due to weather. Your explanation about make-ups is frankly a downright lie. No make-up class has been offered to us, in fact, I have repeatedly been told that that is not RGA’s policy and they’d “think about it”–it is now March 8, several weeks after the cancelations and supposedly RGA is still “thinking” about a solution. As for open play, an open play membership costs $15/month. I would, as I said, be happy to be refunded the *difference* between open play membership ($15) and gymnastic classes ($72). But to say that one is a make-up for the other just doesn’t work out financially.

  2. BTW Does RGA pay their instructors on the days they cancel for snow? I’m guessing by the lack of response to this question which I’ve asked repeatedly via email and FB that the answer is NO. So in other words it’s fair to not pay staff for canceled classes and not refund customers. Sounds like a win-win for RGA and a lose-lose for RGA customers and staff.

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