Kennedy Plaza Ice Skating: How Young is Too Young?

A reason to love Providence: city skating without the crowds at Kennedy Plaza.

The other night after dinner, Geoff wanted to show Madeline the ice skaters at Kennedy Plaza. Her enthusiasm didn’t disappoint: she was ready to get on the ice right then and there. Much to her chagrin (try explaining to a two-year-old that you’ll do something tomorrow instead), we decided to come back when we were all a bit more rested, and it was light out.

I wasn’t sure exactly how old you had to be to ice skate. It seemed to me she’d need the double bladed bob skates so I called around to local sports stores but no one had them. But we had promised so I called the rink at Kennedy Plaza and asked them what was the smallest size skates they had: toddler eight. So I figured she was old enough to skate after all since that’s the same size as her winter boots.

She only made it around the ice a few times and then was ready for lunch. One more time around and she was ready for a nap. But while we were out there, we passed another eager toddler also age two making his rounds.

So if you think your child is too young to ice skate perhaps think again. Can they walk? If so they might pick it up faster than you.

Public Skating in Kennedy Plaza
aka Bank of America City Center
Providence, RI

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