Support the Providence Children’s Museum

Climbing in the pretend forest at the Providence Children's Museum.

I’ll never forget the first time I took Madeline to the Children’s Museum in Boston — upon arrival we went directly into the first room which contains a wall of tubes and slides for ping pong balls. She didn’t want to leave.

She’s since learned that there’s usually something even more exciting around every corner so our recent visits to the Providence Children’s Museum have spanned all the exhibits from noise-makers to stacking magnetic shapes to human bones. My personal favorite is “Coming to Rhode Island” where kids (and crouching adults) can weave through Rhode Island’s past to hear stories and role play in four scenes related to families who emigrated to the state. On one recent visit, the Latino bodega became authentically bustling with kids shopping for canned goods, weighing vegetables and ringing up customers.

In one exhibit, kids can toss feathery balls and cloths through a series of air tubes to see where they shoot out.

Currently, the museum is a few hundred thousand shy of their $1.5 million fundraising target for their Play Works Campaign for Kids which will help them accomplish several goals including the creation of two new outdoor exhibits set to open in the summer 2010: Underland, an underground world filled with roots, tunnels and critters’ burrows and The Climber, a custom-designed climbing experience. So if you can, show your support — every small donation gets them closer to their goal.

Providence Children’s Museum
100 South Street
Providence, RI 02903

One thought on “Support the Providence Children’s Museum

  1. Wow, Michele! Thanks so much for writing this post. We’re thrilled to know that you and Madeline have enjoyed your visits to the Museum so much and I know you’ll love the new play spaces opening in June. We’re actually getting much closer to our Play Works Campaign goal AND if we reach $1.35 million by March 31, we receive a $150,000 challenge grant from the Kresge Foundation to finish the campaign. Just about $50,000 left to meet the challenge – you’re absolutely right, every little bit counts!

    Love your blog!


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