Photo Journal: Saving the Rhode Island Film Tax Credit

Dozens of filmmakers, actors, and other industry professionals gathered at the Rhode Island State House to protest the elimination of the film tax credit from the state budget. Actor James Woods who grew up in RI was one of many who spoke in favor of the tax credit; he hopes to film An American Girl here in Rhode Island.

Actor James Woods and others wait their turn to speak.

Michael Corrente, James Woods and Steven Feinberg spoke out in favor of the tax credit.

Without enough seats in the room, people overflowed into the hallway and watched on monitors.

House Finance Committee Chairman Steven M. Costantino listens to industry representatives.

For more information, visit the Facebook group Save the RI Film Tax Credit.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Journal: Saving the Rhode Island Film Tax Credit

  1. Actor James Woods hopes to film his ‘An american girl’ movie in Rhode Island : the film’ story is supposed to be in Irak, long way from Rhode Island to Irak…did not know RI and Irak look alike ? Good luck anyway to outstanding actor James Woods.

    CBS, Los Angeles

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