Scarborough Beach and Brickley’s Ice Cream: Summer Starts Now

A chocolate chip ice cream cone from Brickley's.

Summer hasn’t officially started, but as far as I’m concerned, summer starts the first day that I go to the beach, which happened to be today. We drove to Scarborough Beach to find a nearly empty parking lot and to buy our season parking pass before the rate hike. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a spot in the first row of the Scarborough lot — apparently that’s what a weekday in early June gets you, along with a bit of wind and icy water.  But I still loved it.

Of course, where there is a beach, ice cream can’t be far behind, so on our way back, we stopped at Brickley’s Ice Cream for a couple of homemade ice cream cones — chocolate chip for me and chocolate for Madeline.

Ah, summer in Rhode Island…

Brickley’s Ice Cream

921 Boston Neck Road
Narragansett, RI

322 Main Street
South Kingstown, RI

2 thoughts on “Scarborough Beach and Brickley’s Ice Cream: Summer Starts Now

  1. We live in Pennsylvania and are planning a trip up to New England. I’d love to spend a few days to a week near a Rhode Island beach – someplace quiet and beautiful. I have two teenagers who don’t mind hanging out in a quiet place for a few days. I love Napatree Point in Westerly/Watch Hill. So beautiful and not too crowded because you have to walk out onto the point but we’ve been there once before. Any suggestions?

    • I really like Little Compton which has a great low-key beach and a cute little town center (not much there but what is there is good). Nearby is “Four Corners” in Tiverton where Gray’s Ice Cream is and across the street a great little sandwich shop…

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